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Renting An ATM May Help You Earn Additional Funds

Do you ever have people who come into your shop and ask you if you offer cash back on purchases or have access to an automatic teller machine? If not, you may have encountered some disgruntled individuals who chose to shop elsewhere. Make things convenient for your clientele by renting an ATM and having it set up on your property or inside of your shop.

Determine Where To Place The ATM

The size of your business property and shop and the location of your business will help you decide whether an outdoor or indoor ATM will work best for your needs. If the shop is closed for long durations, an armored machine can be placed outdoors, but you will still need to worry about foot traffic during times that you aren't present to see what is occurring on your property.

However, if your shop is open 24 hours per day, having an ATM installed outdoors may make sense to you. Your sales staff can monitor the comings and goings of clients and can assist anyone who has difficulty operating the ATM.

Don't dismiss the idea of having a machine installed indoors if you want to be able to monitor each person who approaches the unit. The machine should be placed near the front of your store but should not be installed in an area where people tend to congregate while they are shopping. 

Request A Trial Run

If you are skeptical about renting an ATM but are still curious to see if one would help you raise additional funds, contact a rental company and request a trial run. You can determine the timeframe that you would like to have access to the machine so that you aren't pressured to keep it any longer than you desire.

The vendor who supplies the machine will assist with loading the machine with cash and installing printer paper that is needed for customer receipts. You can decide on the surcharge that will be added to each transaction, and this amount will be programmed so that it is automatically deducted from people's savings or checking accounts each time that they use the machine.

Keep tabs on how many people use the machine for a specific amount of time and use this information to determine if the machine has been profitable for you. If so, request to rent the machine for a longer duration so that you can continue to earn additional funds. For more information on finding an ATM for rent, contact your local money service.