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Three Safe Ways To Transfer Money To Brazil

If you need to send money to Brazil, it's important to choose a method that's safe, since recovering money can be complicated on an international transfer. Here are some of the safest ways to transfer money to Brazil.

Bank Transfer

One of the most risk-free ways to send money to Brazil is through a direct bank transfer. Your bank can help you set up the paperwork for an international wire transfer that will deposit the money directly into your recipient's Brazilian bank account. Although this option can be expensive, your money is protected by your own bank.

A bank transfer can be difficult if your recipient is not a Brazilian citizen, however. In order to open a bank account in Brazil, the recipient will need a permanent residence. If this is not possible, then you'll need to consider other ways to quickly send money to Brazil.

Online Transfer Systems

Some online money transfer systems are designed specifically to transfer money between bank accounts. The benefit of this method is that you can send money internationally to other countries, including Brazil, without having to do any transactions in person. In order to use these services, you and your recipient will need to have your bank account information verified by the website. You then send the money electronically, and the recipient can withdraw the cash from their account using an ATM.

One drawback of this service is that it can take a while; expect several days to verify both of your accounts, and then several more days to complete the money transfer.

Transfer Service

Many US transfer services offer wire transfers to Brazil. In addition to being a fast option, these services can be very safe since they can set up several types of security to make sure that your money reaches the right person. For instance, you can sometimes choose a password, require identification, and list security questions so that the money service in Brazil can verify the recipient's identity.

In order to send money to Brazil using a transfer service, you'll need to visit a local office in the US and pay the fees, and then specify a drop-off location in Brazil where your recipient can pick up the cash. Some money services are beginning to have online payment systems, making this process even simpler. No matter how you choose to send money to Brazil, be sure that you consider the speed and security of your transaction and choose a reputable company to complete your transfer. 

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